India: Euro VI Grade Fuels Introduced In Delhi

India: Euro VI  Grade Fuels Introduced In Delhi

EuroVI fuels was introduced to the city of Delhi, which followed a decision to advance the BSVI roll out in April 2018, instead of April 2020, demonstrating the commitment of the government to deliver energy policy.

Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan said, “The decision to leapfrog to EuroVI fuels instead of BSV has been taken to meet global standards on Carbon emission. India is now into an elite list of nations to have implemented EURO-VI emission norms, a step that will lead to significant reduction in vehicular pollution.”

The introduction of EuroVI compliant fuel is anticipated to help the Capital city lower the alarming levels of air pollution and is a step forward in providing sustainable solutions towards a cleaner and healthier future.

The Oil Marketing Companies were complimented for going the extra mile to advance the roll out of EuroVI grade fuel in Delhi from April 2018 instead of April 2020. The automobile industry was also urged to expedite the introduction of new EuroVI compliant vehicles in the market and they were also assured that the government is committed to meet the deadline of pan India EuroVI roll out by 1st April, 2020.

Euro-VI fuel is expected to bring down Sulphur content to 10 ppm from the existing level of 50 ppm –a resounding 80 per cent reduction that makes this fuel extremely clean, improving emissions from the existing fleet, even from the older vehicles on road, while allowing more advanced emissions control systems to be fitted in BS-VI vehicles when they begin to roll out. India’s emission standards will be on par with those in the US, Japan and the European Union, with the launch of EuroVI in NCT, Delhi. PWKD04042018

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