Indonesia: Pertamina & Mastercard Cashless Transaction Partnership

Indonesia: Pertamina & Mastercard Cashless Transaction Partnership

The partnership is for the promotion of non-cash operations

PT Pertamina (Persero) has joined forces with Mastercard, in order to support electronic payment system for transactions at all Pertamina Fuel Service Stations (SPBU) across the country. This is part of its efforts in promoting cashless transactions in stations, along with broadening consumer access in transactions using cards issued from various issuers, especially those with Mastercard logo.

Vice President of Retail Fuel Marketing of PT Pertamina (Persero), Jumali said, "This partnership with Mastercard is one of our commitments in providing convenience and comfort for motorists in Indonesia in transactions at fuel service stations."

The purchase of Fuel (BBM) at SPBU with cash is still the norm. However, with the effort of Pertamina to hold various parties, it is expected to encourage public awareness towards the use of non-cash instruments. The security of the payment process can be improved with the collaboration with Mastercard, which is also a form of Pertamina's support to Bank Indonesia's policy to create a cashless society.

As part of its commitment to support the Non-Cash National Movement (GNNT), Mastercard, a technology company in the global financial industry, is proud to work with Pertamina. With non-cash payments being more practical, safe and comfortable, the movement proclaimed by the government is very much consistent with Mastercard's mission in raising public awareness. Pertamina's customers, especially those with debit or credit cards with Mastercard logo, through this partnership, will be facilitated in making payment transactions at all Pertamina fuel service stations.

"Mastercard is very enthusiastic with the continued cooperation with Pertamina in providing a more practical, safe and convenient payment experience for customers,” said Mastercard Indonesia Director, Tommy Singgih. “This collaboration is a continuation of the collaboration between Mastercard and Pertamina which began five years ago. We believe this cooperation will encourage the use of non-cash transactions in every payment activity, including when purchasing vehicle fuel. Therefore, Mastercard is committed to continue to provide payment technology to meet the needs of its customers in conducting non-cash payment transactions."

"With the ease and convenience provided, we hope the cooperation between Pertamina and Mastercard can be well received by the community, and can facilitate the loyal consumers of Pertamax Series and Dex Series in driving activities," added Jumali. PWKD18052018

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