Thailand: Bangkok Bank & Chevron Fleet Partnership

Thailand: Bangkok Bank & Chevron Fleet Partnership

The new partnership services are to assist fuel cost efficency more competently

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited has partnered with Chevron (Thailand) Ltd., to launch new services, the “BBL - Caltex Fleet Card” and "BBL - Caltex Cash Card", helping manage fuel costs more efficiently.

Businesses using this fleet card can also set the cost per time per day and per month in baht or liter. It also has a distance recording system, to calculate the fuel consumption, including details such as the company name, vehicle registration, car brand, product that the company allows etc. At the same time, only the fuel service station is required and it can identify unlimited number of fuel service stations. It allows businesses to control and manage costs as well. The fleet card has a payment cycle of up to 55 days, and is flexible enough to choose the right amount of fuel for accounting system, which allows the company to have a longer cash flow, better liquidity and result in better business management.

The bank has also issued "BBL - Caltex Cash Card", a prepaid card used to refuel and buy lubricant. At Caltex fuel service stations nationwide, it is convenient to use as a replacement for cash and to control one’s monthly expenses as needed.

Mr. Salman Safadat, President and CEO of Chevron (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that the cooperation with Bangkok Bank is a great partnership to complement both businesses by combining their strengths, capabilities and readiness with experience in business intelligence. In line with its vision of "Smart Value for All", it also supports the Government's policy to push Thailand into a cashless society.

The launch of the new products is expected to create a positive experience and deliver outstanding benefits to customers. "BBL - Caltex Fleet Card" (BBL - Caltex Fleet Card) and "Bangkok - Caltex Cash Card"(BBL - Caltex Cash Card) will help increase the cost of fuel care. Online StarCards are quick and easy-to-use and are available to help reduce operational costs. With QR Codes, EDC is a new way to pay for fuel, while also providing a great opportunity to expand customer base.

Mr. Salman added that the company is committed to developing strategies to meet the needs of today's consumers. Maintaining safety is of paramount importance and must be consistent with Fuel Regulatory Act. The company expects the development of a QR Code payment service through the EDC winch will enable the company to provide convenience to its customers. The company is ready to provide services immediately after the government has amended the rules governing the use of mobile phones at service stations. Source: Prachachat PWKD21052018

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