Pakistan: PSO Altron X Hi- Octane 97 Fuel Launch

Pakistan: PSO Altron X Hi- Octane 97 Fuel Launch

RON 97 causes extended engine life, reduced maintenance costs and reduced environmental impact

In continuation of its quest to improve the quality of fuels in the country, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), has upgraded its products portfolio with the inclusion of the RON 97 high octane fuel under brand name “Altron X Hi- Octane 97”. Delivering superior performance to vehicles for a smooth and knock-free drive, RON 97 results in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs. Environmental impact is reduced by the new RON 97 from PSO due to lower emissions since they result in better engine hygiene. Better mileage, enhanced engine performance and a great driving experience to the consumer are additional benefits of the new product range. By introducing higher grade RON fuels in the country for the very first time in November 2016, PSO, being Pakistan’s flagship fuel marketing company played a key role in materializing the vision of the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MNPR).

Sheikh Imranul Haque, MD & CEO, PSO, said, “The launch of Altron X Hi- Octane 97 is yet another testament to Pakistan State Oil’s commitment to effectively meeting the changing needs of our consumers with fuel products that are at par with global standards. While we cater to the evolving fuel needs of contemporary vehicles, our new higher RON fuel products also ensure lower emissions, responding positively to the urgent need for environment-friendly fuels. In addition to environment preservation, the cleaner fuel also means a cleaner and healthier engine which will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance.” PWKD31052018

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