S. Korea: S-OIL & KT Futuristic Fuel Service Station Partnership

S. Korea: S-OIL & KT Futuristic Fuel Service Station Partnership

Smart stations are platform based futuristic fuel service station offering differentiated services to customers

KT and S-OIL have decided to team up for the development of a ‘platform based futuristic fuel service station (Smart Station)’, for which a business agreement have been signed between the two.

Futuristic smart stations will be developed by KT and S-OIL which will provide segregated services to customers using S-OIL service stations by leveraging KT’s platform, IoT, Big data, energy technologies, and know-how.

Innovation of operating platform of fuel station with internet connection, improvement of ICT infrastructure of fuel service stations, development of efficient fuel station operation plans through linkage and analysis of bid data, and establishment of differentiated marketing platform to expand individual and corporate customers are the major cooperation points.

S-OIL, as per the agreement, plans to apply KT’s ‘Connected Car Commerce’ solution to fuel service stations and smartphone apps, which is a service that allows automatic payment without a physical card as the vehicle itself becomes a credit card. Customers visiting S-OIL fuel stations, by means of this solution, can use their apps to input information and pay for fuel more quickly and conveniently than the existing services. In addition, S-OIL’s 2400 fuel station operators can easily manage their own business.

By utilizing its platform-based solutions such as IoT display board, Giga Eyes, and Giga Energy Manager (K-MEG), KT is going to improve its fuel station environment, along with displaying its ability to analyze large data such as floating population and commercial markets.

KT and S-OIL plan to unveil new business models related to automobiles by fusing the capabilities of both companies, in preparations for the 4th industrial revolution era, in addition to both companies providing 5G, ‘LTE for enterprise’, ‘Narrowband Internet (NB-IoT)’, ‘Connected Car’ systems, and know-hows about the fuel market. Source: K Times PWKD05062018

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