India: Shell Eco-Marathon Comes To Country For First Time

India: Shell Eco-Marathon Comes To Country For First Time

Future tech innovation in clean energy and future transport is the scope of the contest

Shell’s marquee event Shell Eco - marathon (SEM), which will be part of Make the Future India - a global platform for conversation, collaboration and innovation around the world’s energy challenges, is being brought by Shell to India for the first time.

First inaugurated in 1939, SEM is the world’s longest-running student competition wherein engineering students are challenged to design, build and test fuel-efficient cars. Although Indian teams have been participating since 2010, this is the first time the competition will be held on home ground.

The aim is to provide an opportunity for multiple stakeholders: including students, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and the public, to experience, test and contribute bright energy ideas, with events hosted in countries around the globe. Demo for cleaner energy solutions will be displayed by the India tracks, including discussions on powering India’s progress - innovations, challenges and opportunities as well as partnerships for success. Students for the first time would find a great platform to showcase their skill, be part of a world-class experience and test drive their vehicles with fellow competitors on a professional circuit. Evaluation will be made on the criteria of who goes farthest on the least amount of fuel, regarding student teams that take to the track.

Widespread participation from students across the country is anticipated, since there has been a growing demand from colleges to bring the fuel-efficiency competition to India. Indian students, in the past, have showcased many innovative and energy efficient models and prototypes that has also caught attention of industry and government.

Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India said, “We have seen the quality, quantity, ingenuity and interest of the teams only rise over the past few years. This was one of the motivations behind getting our global competition to India so that more teams are able to participate and leverage this unique platform. At Shell, we believe that these bright young minds have the potential to truly impact the future of sustainability and I am positive that through our people, partnerships and innovations, we will be able to provide more and cleaner energy solutions for a better tomorrow.”

For the last eight years, India has been part of SEM. The scope of search for future tech innovation in clean energy and future transport has been enhanced by Shell since last year, alongside fuel efficiency and brought them under one umbrella – Make the Future. PWKD21062018

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