Sri Lanka: CPC Presents Euro 4 Fuel

Sri Lanka: CPC Presents Euro 4 Fuel

The new fuel is a low emission product

The country’s first Euro-spec fuel dispenser was rolled out by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and launched European Emission Standard Euro 4 fuel.

In order to provide consumers with a better product consisting of low emission and high efficiency, Euro 4 was introduced with the intention of replacing the existing 95 Octane and Super Diesel 4 Star.

Arjuna Ranatunga, Petroleum Resources Development Minister said that as a government-owned corporation, it is imperative that CPC supports the Government of Sri Lanka in transforming the energy sector by adapting to greener initiatives. By introducing carbon-conscious products such as Euro 4, not only is it possible to contribute towards the global initiative of reducing carbon monoxide emission but the local consumers and industrial sector are enabled to reap the benefits of greener products that would improve the overall quality of life.

He added, “Introducing a substitute such as Euro 4 to the local energy sector would enable the government to follow its vision by transforming its core energy products to meet the European Emission Standards. We, as a government entity, are positioning ourselves to become the forerunners in transformation of the country’s energy sector, with greener initiatives.” Source: Daily Mirror PWKD04072018

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