Indonesia: PT Pertamina Partners With BMW Group For Green Energy Station

Indonesia: PT Pertamina Partners With BMW Group For Green Energy Station

PT Pertamina (Persero) has partnered with BMW Group Indonesia to launch energy charging technology for future electric vehicles.

Pertamina, as an initial step will make it happen in the Green Energy Station ("GES") pilot project program as a new ecosystem for electric vehicles in Indonesia.

For the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, GES technology is intended to support the Government of Indonesia's commitment to the Conference of the Parties 21th (COP21) in Paris, and at the same time validating Pertamina's readiness in facing the global shift in the automotive world.

Pertamina Corporate Communication Vice President Adiatma Sardjito, said, "This step is very important to learn the best concept that can ensure the convenience of service for users of electric vehicles. Therefore, Pertamina will continue to work with related parties to develop this concept both in terms of technology and ease of access."

Green Concept which has Solar Power Station (PLTS) in SPBU area, both Future Concepts that have EV Charging Station, and the third Digital Concept where payment in cashless station with MyPertamina and equipped with self –service are the three main concepts which GES technology consists of.

Adiatma added, "Pertamina sees that the battery charging business will become an integral part of Pertamina's fuel station business in the future, therefore, cooperation with electric car manufacturers such as BMW Group is urgently needed.”

Jodie O'tania, Vice President of Corporate Communication, BMW Group, Indonesia said that BMW Group Indonesia is a pioneer brand that presents electric vehicles and the first launch vehicle plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in Indonesia. BMW Group Indonesia carries out in-depth technological education on electric vehicle technology, implementing grid charging in other countries and testing the benefits and operational costs of electric vehicles, in order to encourage the readiness of electric vehicle ecosystems.

"We hope that with the support of this technology education can provide adequate infrastructure development for electric vehicles, especially in the Jakarta area and provide convenience for all users of electric vehicles. The important moment of the day marks another form of commitment from BMW Group Indonesia and PT. Pertamina (Persero) in developing the ecosystem of electric vehicles in Indonesia, "said Jodie.

Marked by changes in the use of fuel into PHEV and EV batteries, Pertamina Green Energy Station is based on the global shift in the automotive world from the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Plug-in and Electric Vehicles (EV). PWKD06082018

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