Indonesia: Pertamina Brings Pertamax Turbo To Pontianak

Indonesia: Pertamina Brings Pertamax Turbo To Pontianak

PT Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VI has launched in Pontianak City, Pertamax Turbo fuel product for high-tech vehicles.

Pontianak was chosen because Pertamax Plus products were already available here earlier which became the forerunner of the product development of Pertamax Turbo. For the initial stage, the product will be sold at 3 fuel stations in Pontianak. The initial selling price set was Rp. 11,100 per liter.

Pertamax Turbo is a fuel for conventional fuel-powered vehicles. It is the result of the development of the Pertamax Plus product which has a minimum Research Octane Number 98 and is equipped with an Ignition Boost Formula (IBF), complying with Euro 4 standards that are more environmentally friendly.

Formulated by Pertamina in collaboration with Lamborghini, Pertamax Turbo is a high-quality fuel that has been tested at the Lamborghini Blancpain Supertrofeo Series championship in Europe. The product has been sold in Europe with an initial price of 0.22 euros per liter, slightly below the products of other competitors which sell for 0.25 euros per liter, before entering Indonesia.

The development of increasingly sophisticated vehicle engine technology such as the use of superchargers, turbochargers make the compression pressure of the vehicle engine higher, requiring fuel with higher octane. Having the advantage of increasing the drivability of the vehicle, acceleration of the engine becomes better because of the higher torque produced, increasing the top speed of the vehicle, raising the engine power of the vehicle and improving fuel combustion engine, so it is suitable for vehicles with a compression ratio of more than 12 - Pertamax Turbo is proven to be able to meet these needs.

Pertamina Branch Manager Marketing, Kalbarteng Teuku Johan Miftah said, "If it is accepted in Europe, we are optimistic that people in the country, especially Pontianak, can also experience the performance of Pertamax Turbo as one of the superior products from the Pertamina refinery.”

 Pertamina MOR VI also launched Pontianak's Pertamax Buddy loyalty program, which is specifically for the automotive community who have faithfully used Pertamina's non-subsidized fuel products. PWKD31082018

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