New Zealand: Kiwi Supermarket Brands Fetch Consumers Fuel Discounts

New Zealand: Kiwi Supermarket Brands Fetch Consumers Fuel Discounts

Customers will now be able to earn fuel discounts for Z Energy fuel service stations, when shopping at two of the most popular Kiwi supermarket brands, since Z Energy has become Foodstuffs (NZ) Limited’s exclusive nationwide fuel partner.

At the more than 200 Z branded fuel service stations around the country, customers are empowered to use the fuel discounts printed on their New World and PAK’nSAVE dockets, instead of the supermarkets’ previous partner, Mobil. Z Energy, as a result of the collaboration, will also supply fuel to the country’s 53 New World and PAK'nSAVE branded fuel sites.

Celebrating their Kiwi brands uniting to bring fuel discounts to customers was Z Energy’s General Manager Marketing, Jane Anthony, and Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd Managing Director, Steve Anderson. Jane Anthony added that the supermarket fuel vouchers are an effective way for customers to save money on fuel, simply by doing their usual grocery shopping.

“Many customers have told us fuel discounts are really important, especially since the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax came into force in July and prices went up. That’s why we’re so pleased people who like using supermarket fuel vouchers can now come to Z,” said Jane Anthony. “Z has the country’s largest fuel retail network, which means customers using supermarket fuel vouchers now have more service station and fuel site locations to choose from and they get to come to a Kiwi company to save on fuel.”

Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd Managing Director, Steve Anderson, said that their customers enjoy earning fuel discounts as they shop. “By uniting with Z, another strong Kiwi brand, our customers will not only keep earning great fuel deals but will also get the chance to enjoy the wider Z retail and customer service experience around the country. New World and Z will stay part of the Fly Buys and Air New Zealand Airpoints loyalty programs, ensuring customers have a selection of loyalty programs to choose from for earning rewards through grocery and fuel purchases.”

He added that the Co-operative looks forward to continuing to reward its customers with fuel discounts at its New World and PAK'nSAVE branded fuel sites and now Z fuel service stations too. PWKD04092018

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