India: Kohima Vending Machine Launch At IOC Fuel Station

India: Kohima  Vending Machine Launch At IOC Fuel Station

In an effort to ‘create awareness about women’s health and to empower women’ in the state capital, the first automatic sanitary napkin vending machine was launched at SKV Enterprise, an initiative of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Ltd.

Sanitary napkin will be available at a cheap price of INR 5 for a single pad, with the installation. A similar vending machine was installed in 2016 at Guwahati Press Club.

Similar machines were also unveiled at other IOC fuel retail outlets in Kohima, following the installation at SKV Enterprise, with more of such machines to be installed across the state in the future.

Appreciating the IOC’s introduction, it was suggested by the additional deputy commissioner, Lithrongla Rutsa that more of such machines should be installed in schools, colleges, marketing complex, public places, if there is any facility available, so that women of all ages can have easy access. Source: E M PWKD03102018

Last modified onTuesday, 02 October 2018 12:16
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