Malaysia: RON95 EURO4M Fuel Introduction Postponed

Malaysia: RON95 EURO4M Fuel Introduction Postponed

The introduction of the RON95 EURO4M fuel has been postponed to January 1, 2020 from its original implementation date of October 1 this year, by the government.

This was informed by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

The government held a series of discussions with fuel companies, during which the companies informed the government that they required more time to prepare for the implementation of RON95 EURO4M fuel specification and subsequently, the government put forth its decision.

This delay is to ensure the supply would meet the local market demand without affecting the current retail price of fuel. It is also, to align the price changes for the RON95 EURO4M starting July 2019, with the start of the transitional work at the depot and fuel service station to the same fuel specification that would take six months,” said Saifuddin Nasution.

Starting July 2019, the government had also agreed that the changes of the price for the fuel would also be carried out in stages for six months to reduce the impact of changes in retail price for the consumers. This method was seen as reasonable for the consumers since, during this transition period, the RON95 fuel had yet to meet the full specifications of EURO4M.

Consistent with the government effort to achieve the National Green Technology Policy 2009 in reducing pollution and its impact on health was the introduction of the better quality fuel. The goal is also parallel with Pakatan Harapan’s 39th manifesto to balance economic development with environmental protection. Source: Malayi Mail PWKD09102018

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