Vietnam: Saigon Coop Unveils Organic Products

Vietnam: Saigon Coop Unveils Organic Products

4 organic food groups of international standards were introduced to Vietnamese market

Consumer health in addition to food hygiene and safety is of prime concern to Saigon Coop while at the same time, taking into consideration the immediate need of the market as well as the potential development of the organic food industry in the near future. In order to bring the best value to customers who are shopping for organic food, the chain has actively and relentlessly looked for opportunities to invest in organic agriculture. 

The gap between producers and consumers has been narrowed due to Saigon Coop's active participation in investing in organic agriculture bringing the best priced product to the consumer. Improvement in income of farmers was also considered a responsibility by Saigon Coop. The making process of the product was also looked into to ensure that it does not harm the environment, land resources, water resources and surrounding organisms. Saigon Coop has hence been concentrating its resources on implementing investment projects to produce and supply organic products. A farm of more than 300 hectares of agricultural produce that has been certified by the USDA of America, JAS of Japan, European Union (European Union) has been invested by Saigon Coop. 

Saigon Coop has decided to put into operation 4 groups of organic food under the brand name Coop Organic American and European standards at 7 Saigon Coop supermarkets. US organic standards - USDA and EU - EU: no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no growth stimulants, no preservatives and no variable ingredients are met by all of these products.

Aiming to become a leader in the chain of organic products – processing, distribution and consumption in the Vietnamese market, Saigon Coop will continue to seek and expand investment opportunities in other organic farms, developing a diversified portfolio of organic products to meet the needs of the market. PWKD10052017

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