Japan: Lawson Unveils Unstaffed Mini Convenience Stores

Japan: Lawson Unveils Unstaffed Mini Convenience Stores

1000 sites are projected to be opened during the year

 Unstaffed mini convenience stores have started to be operated by Lawson Inc. selling snacks and drinks in offices, allowing customers to buy items at special terminals using an electronic payment system.

1,000 outlets are expected to be opened by the company within this fiscal year.

Automated self-checkouts are available at the “Petite Lawson” where customers can scan their items and transactions can only be made with contactless payment cards used on public transport.

Regular store visits will be made by the company’s data-based inventory management system to check shelves and electronic-payment transactions mean there will be no cash to collect. The new service also aims to realize a more efficient management model, amid increasingly serious labor shortages. Source TJN PWKD06072017

Last modified onThursday, 06 July 2017 05:33
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