Australia: Woolworths Group To Avoid Single Use Plastic Bags

Australia: Woolworths Group To Avoid Single Use Plastic Bags

Woolworths Group has declared its intentions to no longer offer single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags, within the next 12 months, across its entire store network in Australia.


With the objective to play its part in reducing plastic bag usage, Woolworths Group has taken this decision because it is the right thing to do as one of Australia’s largest retailers. This approach will cover all stores across the Woolworths Group nationwide.

“We currently give out more than 3.2 billion lightweight plastic bags a year and hence can play a significant role in reducing overall plastic bag usage. Today’s commitment shows we are committed to taking our environmental and community responsibilities seriously. “Our customers expect responsible retailing and they can be assured that this is just the start of further commitments by Woolworths in this space. Our team continues to work hard to minimize our impact on the environment through the minimization of food waste, ethical and sustainable sourcing, and reduction in energy use,” said Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci.

Access to a range of alternative shopping bag options across the Woolworths Group network of stores, will continue to be available to customers which includes thicker reusable versions at different price points to suit customer needs. PWKD18072017

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