USA: Maverik Inc. 300th Convenience Store Launch

USA: Maverik Inc. 300th Convenience Store Launch

The opening of the 300th store is a celebration of achieving the 300 mark


With the opening of its latest store, Maverik Inc. achieved its long-pursued goal of operating 300 convenience stores. The 300th store, which is almost 5,000 square feet, is one of the company's current prototype stores.

Maverik Chairman of the Board and Chief Pathfinder Tom Welch said, "It's been 20 years. Our long-term goal was Maverik No. 300.”

The company places ‘a real emphasis on fresh’ and as Maverik has no commissary, all food is made in each of the stores.

The company plans to use the format of the 300th location for future new-build stores which is not the first of Maverik's "adventure stores" to open. It has remodeled about 100 stores, over the last four years, to move them from Maverik's country store format to the adventure store design and layout.

It is estimated that the company will reach its 400-store milestone in the next four to five years, at the current rate of growth. Source: CSN PWKD02082017

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