India: Bengaluru Fuel Service Station & IOC Free Meals Collaboration

India: Bengaluru Fuel Service Station & IOC Free Meals Collaboration

The fuel service station has come up with the novel concept for hungry tummies having no time to cook, and the trial run will go on for free for a month

Free meals are being served by a fuel service station to every customer that steps in at the fuel service station, and has vowed to serve all day meals to all customers who skips meals, simply because they do not find the time to cook in their haste to make it to work on time.  The station has volunteered for the services in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

Prakash Rao, who is the proprietor of the fuel service station said, “Food items will be cooked at a centralized kitchen elsewhere and stored at the fuel station where it will be heated and served. For all the bakery products, we have tied up with ISKCON. Experienced chefs are involved in the preparation of food. For those who do not want to buy fuel, can also pack the food after they pay a prescribed amount.” He added that no matter how busy a person is, they will also come to the station to get their tanks refilled and in the process, the station will refill their tummies too.

Prakash and his team will bear the cost of all the meals, as of now, a part of which will be paid back by IOC and the concept of free food will go on for a month which will be chargeable thereafter. Source: India Times PWKD08092017

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