France: Bon App! Schedules New Openings All Year

France: Bon App! Schedules New Openings All Year

All day long, Bon App ! stores sell a complete range of varied, high-quality food items to cater to all their customers' desires.

Bon App! is expanding and new openings are slated between now and the end of the year, following two successful tests that have been under way in Paris since 2015 and several openings in other cities across France.

Bon App! stores sell everyday products though there are some which are exclusive to Bon App! A high-quality range of around 800 snacks and food products are available with breakfast products, complete and balanced meals, and a whole lot of other products which are divided into different sections and are regularly updated. PWKD11092017

Last modified onMonday, 11 September 2017 21:41
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