USA: Space Jam Juice Convenience Stores Massive Expansion

The company proposes to grow to 10,000 stores by end of this year to 25,000 by end 2018

A disruptive lifestyle-driven vape company, Space Jam Juice LLC, has stated huge expansion into national convenience store chains, growing from its current 4,000 stores to 10,000 by the end of 2017, and 25,000 stores by the end of 2018. 

Dylan Spencer, EVP Marketing at Space Jam said, “We proved, with conclusive scan data from Nielsen, that adding Space Jam to C-stores’ tobacco sets provided new incremental revenue that they have been losing to vape stores. The vape store consumer frequents convenience stores two to three times a week, but heads to the nearest vape shop for their vaping needs. Prior attempts to add vape products to convenience store shelves failed because those previous products did not have the customer base and following that Space Jam has built over the last 5 years in the vape and tobacco channel.”  

Danny Peykoff, CEO of Space Jam said, “Our partnerships with the nation’s leading convenience stores are a win-win for both the stores and our customers. Customers will have easier access to Space Jam, empowering them with an approachable alternative to cigarettes.  Due to our convenience store growth trajectory, we expect thousands of new customers will be introduced to our product each month, continuing the increase in demand for Space Jam.” Source: Globe Newswire PWKD11102017

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