Brazil: Meu Carrefour Omni-channel Data Intelligence Platform Launch

Brazil: Meu Carrefour Omni-channel Data Intelligence Platform Launch

The customer is central in the new strategy, offering more and more services

The My Carrefour omni-channel data intelligence platform has been launched by Carrefour. This concentrates the company’s retail services in a single democratic, free and national benefits program, composed of offers, coupons and other exclusive and personalized advantages. The customer is put at the center of everything by the new program which translates the company’s omni-channel strategy, offering more and more services that facilitate their day-to-day life.

Initially, the program will be similar to a platform which will adhere to its retail formats and channels - supermarkets, hypermarkets, fuel service stations and e-commerce. The food e-commerce will already be made available to 200 districts. The service invests in the speed of the purchase process and the quality of the logistics process, integrated in Carrefour’s digital platform.

Added to the more than 50,000 nonfood items already marketed by the Carrefour website, there are more than 6,000 food products at competitive prices. The geographical expansion of the new service of online sale of food products will take place gradually.

My Carrefour offers democratic and practical benefits even to non-registered customers. Those who opt to register in the free program will have access to different coupons issued according to their purchase profile and accepted in the Carrefour stores and site.

The great attraction is the quality of the purchase experience, which is made possible above all by the adoption of the so-called dark store strategy, a distribution center concept whose operation is exclusive and dedicated, with a privileged location within the large urban centers. PWKD18102017

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