Australia: Vodafone’s Evolution Signifies Customer Choice & Freedom

Australia: Vodafone’s Evolution Signifies Customer Choice & Freedom

The new modifications will include logo refreshment and new brand positioning


Vodafone has stated that the brand has grown to manifest selection and liberty for customers, with the incorporated changes including an update to the logo and new brand positioning, ‘The Future is Exciting. Ready?’

While delivering choice and freedom for customers, the refreshing of the brand and logo represents how Vodafone is innovating for the future.

“The wants and needs of our customers have changed, and with that we’ve changed too,” said Ben McIntosh, Vodafone Australia’s Consumer Business Director. “We’ve evolved our products and services to give customers more choice and more freedom. From no lock-in contracts to personalized service, $5 roaming (where you can use your plan for $5 extra per day in selected countries) and the fresh approach we’ll bring to broadband – we’re making sure customers are at the center of an exciting future.”

McIntosh added that this is a natural evolution for Vodafone that reflects their desire to disrupt traditional conventions and provide real change for the future. Status quo is challenged and boundaries are pushed to give people something that they won’t find anywhere else.

Australians have a strong appetite for technology and all of the positive changes it brings, which is what the ongoing increase in data use across the country shows.

“With our global roots in innovation and the recent launch of industry-first products and offers locally, we’re excited about the future and how we can deliver value, choice and freedom for our customers,” added McIntosh. Source: C&I PWKD23102017

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