Poland: PKN ORLEN O! Shop Brand Concept Launch

The new concept of convenience stores is intended to strengthen the company’s non-fuel sales

PKN ORLEN has rolled out its new concept convenience stores O! Shop, the first private label product produced under this brand. This is a strategy implementation that ORLEN intends to strengthen its non-fuel sales.

ORLEN's new concept supports the development of new convenience store O! SHOP. The company expects the products sold under the O! Shop brand will offer simple and convenient solutions for those who are always on the go.

The new store is easy to reach even to those who are always on the run. All those who expect good quality will love the brand, in addition to it being simple and convenient. The brand is for those who want to have the comfort of a good choice without having to search for long.

The concept not only implements the company's strategic objectives but primarily aims at meeting the changing needs of the customer and enhancing customer loyalty and identification with the ORLEN brand. These are strongly connected with the marketing strategy adopted by PKN ORLEN.

Rafał Pasiek, Chief Marketing Officer of PKN ORLEN, said, “We want the customer to know that while traveling, he will always have ORLEN station on the road, where he will receive not only fuel, coffee or hot dog, but also other necessary products. And importantly, these products will be identified with ORLEN and with the choice of several brands of the product.” PWKD16112017

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