England UK: WEX & WeForest Eco Miles Partnership

The partnership will offer means to help Esso Card fuel card customers fund the planting of new woodlands

WEX Europe Services has partnered with WeForest to create a new carbon balancing scheme, Eco Miles, which will support Esso Card fuel card customers in compensating the impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The program, with the aim to help its customers balance their carbon emissions, offers a way to help customers fund the planting of new international woodlands. This will give WEX Europe Services’ customers the opportunity to achieve environmental sustainability.

Carbon compensation is a critical constituent of Eco Miles. WEX Europe Services, by working with WeForest, is confident that the planting and growth of trees will achieve comprehensively more than just suck the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Esso Card cardholders, by signing up to Eco Miles, can be proud of their contribution towards planting new woodlands and forests around the world, engaging themselves in a project that will allow their fuel consumption to be compensated and their contribution to making a genuine difference to the planet.

“By investing in Eco Miles, customers have the unique opportunity to achieve environmental sustainability through carbon balancing. We consider sustainability as critical to our future success and that of our customers. Esso Card is a recognized brand in fuel cards, so we are delighted to be working with WeForest, supporting scalable reforestation projects,” said Malcolm Joyce, Managing Director. PWKD17112017

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