UK: Morrisons & SandpiperCI Supply Agreement

UK: Morrisons & SandpiperCI Supply Agreement

With this pact, most sites will be converted to Morrisons Daily stores

Morrisons has signed a new, long-term franchise and wholesale supply agreement with an operator of 43 mini supermarkets and convenience stores in the Channel Islands, SandpiperCI.

With most sites converted into Morrisons Daily stores, they will be supplied with both Morrisons own brand as well as branded products. Morrisons will supply Safeway and branded products to the remaining Sandpiper stores as well. By next year, all stores will convert to selling Morrisons-supplied products.

"We are pleased to be announcing a partnership with a strong franchise partner in Sandpiper and the opportunity to bring Morrisons quality and value to customers in the Channel Islands. As Morrisons becomes broader and stronger, our brand is becoming more accessible to more customers," said James Badger, Morrisons Wholesale Director. PWKD15022018

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