Australia: Woolworths Promises Consumers Healthier Options

Australia: Woolworths Promises Consumers Healthier Options

Consequent to the release of Deakin University’s Health Ratings for Supermarkets Report, Woolworths has reasserted its commitment to helping customers choose a healthier basket.

Woolworths was rated as the highest performer in the group, after the report assessed all Australian supermarkets policies and commitments towards health and nutrition, in addition to the report calling on Australian retailers to do more to foster healthy eating.

Claire Peters, Managing Director, Woolworths Supermarkets said, “At Woolworths, we understand that health is important to our customers and we want to help make it easier for them to make healthier choices. While the report highlights some of the progress we have made, we do acknowledge there is more we can do. We are determined to lead the way when it comes to helping our customers make healthier choices, with the initiatives outlined in the report representing only the start of our journey in this area.”

90% of Australians have taken steps to eat better in the past 12 months, according to recent research commissioned by Woolworths. Woolworths, in response, has begun expanding space in new and renewed stores for fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to allocating more space to dedicated health aisles as part of a broader focus on health. PWKD27022018

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