USA: Subway Puts ‘Mobile Ordering’ To the Test

USA: Subway Puts ‘Mobile Ordering’ To the Test

Subway ventures with Mobivity to test text message ordering tool

Subway is partnering with Mobivity to roll out a text message ordering tool. With the aim to allow customers to find a store and view, select, refine and order Subway menu items without ever needing to leave a text message conversation, the preview showcases the interactive abilities of the Rich Communications Services (RCS) messaging standard. Customers are reached by RCS, within their default text messaging app.

A blockchain ledger lays the foundation for future loyalty and cryptocurrency applications, while the program allows customers to access capabilities usually confined to apps via text message. A strategy to structure data, Blockchain is originally utilized for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is a public, digital ledger kept accurate through shared data. It does not need a central authority behind it to verify its accuracy.

“This is a cutting-edge, exciting opportunity to continue to evolve how we serve our customers. Our goal is to make ordering and receiving your favorite Subway meal as easy as possible. We have been using text conversations to engage our guests and now we are taking it to the next level. With RCS technology and real-time conversations, we are delivering a personalized ordering experience in seconds and in clicks. We are excited to partner with Mobivity and to create a unique on-demand digital experience for our loyal customers,” said Carissa Ganelli, chief digital officer of Subway. Source: CSP PWKD28022018

Last modified onWednesday, 28 February 2018 00:47
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