Brazil: Carrefour Introduces Pinterest Interactivity

Brazil: Carrefour Introduces Pinterest Interactivity

On a pilot project, four stores will present the Interactivity feature

Pinterest interactivity via the Pincode feature service, is now offered by Carrefour, one of the first retailers in Brazil and Latin America to do so. Allowing shoppers to interact with the content available on their Pinterest page, four Carrefour stores in Sao Paulo, offer point-of-sale connectivity, from the beginning of this month.

Shoppers will have access to recipes on the Carrefour Chef Pinterest page, through over 160 Pincode points located throughout the stores.

A Pincode is a mere customized QR Code. Shoppers can scan this code to discover ideas and inspiration for the related products. A consumer will only need to open the Pinterest app on the smartphone and point the in-app camera at the Pincode, without any need to take a photo; the content appears straightaway. PWKD13032018

Last modified onMonday, 12 March 2018 23:15
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