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USA: Walmart & Postmates Online Grocery Delivery Partnership

USA: Walmart & Postmates Online Grocery Delivery Partnership

With the aim to help expand the retailer’s popular Online Grocery Delivery option to more than 40 percent of U.S. households, Walmart and Postmates has declared an agreement.

With further expansion planned in the coming months, Postmates will help power the Walmart’s Online Grocery Deliveries.

Mark Ibbotson, Executive Vice President, Central Operations, Walmart U.S., said “Customers are busy, they are managing jobs, soccer practice, dance lessons and social schedules; so we are on a mission to do more than keep a little extra money in their pockets. With the help of Postmates, we’re making grocery shopping even easier by bringing the everyday low prices of Walmart right to the front door of customers in Charlotte with more areas to be added soon.”

Thousands of Charlotte customers will be able to shop for and have fresh groceries delivered to their doorsteps, with the help of Walmart’s personal shoppers and Postmates’s delivery network. For Online Grocery customers, a three-week training program must be completed by personal shoppers learning how to select the freshest produce and the best cuts of meat.

“Both Walmart and Postmates strive to make the lives of our customers easier,” said Dan Mosher, senior vice president, merchant lead, Postmates. “With our growing fleet of 160,000 couriers, we are confident that we’ll be providing Walmart customers with the ultimate convenience.”

Along with pantry staples, consumables and seasonal general merchandise, Walmart Grocery Delivery brings customers the convenience of shopping when and where they want for quality, fresh produce, meat, seafood and bakery items. Groceries can be delivered to customers as soon as the same day.

An Online Grocery Pickup service, offered by the retailer allowing customers to order their groceries online and pick them up in stores without ever getting out of their cars, has become a customer favorite. PWKD12042018

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