Vietnam: Hà Nội Plans To Operate Automated Convenience Stores

Vietnam: Hà Nội Plans To Operate Automated Convenience Stores

Hà Nội plans to pilot the operation of automated convenience stores and organise a network of vending machines at public places in the city.

These cashier-free convenience stores will use the model of 020 Online 2 Offline, apply quick response code for online ordering and online payment as well as use electronic logistics for goods’ delivery. This is a part of the capital’s e-commerce development plan issued by the People’s Committee of HàNội last week.

The city targets online retail sales to account for 8 per cent of total retail sales and services in the city this year as well as second or higher ranking in terms of e-Business Index every year.

The plan also aims to raise the proportion of Hà Nội’s online shoppers in 2018 to 66 per cent of internet users in the city, a year-on-year increase of 3 per cent.

The city will strive to get 85 per cent of modern distribution and retail establishments, fuel service stations, electricity and water supply companies and telecommunication services accept non-cash payment. In addition to this, the capital city also targets up to 62 per cent of enterprises to have websites or apps providing information of enterprises, and production and business activities.

The city will also promote e-commerce application and multi-channel sales through websites as well as social networks to expand the consumption market.

In September 2017, Hà Nội installed many vending machines serving bottled beverages on the walking streets around Hoàn Kiếm (Returned Sword) Lake. The way of selling the products got good response from residents and visitors alike. Source: Vietnam News PWKD13042018

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