England UK: Spar Outlets Present Centralized Store Replenishment

England UK: Spar Outlets Present Centralized Store Replenishment

With the installation of a Centralized Store Replenishment (CSR) system, SPAR UK Partner, James Hall & Co, has to date supported 50 independently-owned SPAR stores, helping to efficiently and effectively manage store stock levels.

Eliminating human error and making ordering more efficient, this technology uses store sales and stock levels to generate accurate stock figures and forecasts. Presently there are a total of 200 SPAR stores in the region benefiting from this system which are operating in the company owned stores.

In order to ensure that the minimum amount of stock is held, the CSR system monitors and manages product quantities, while maximizing product availability. Useful reports and information is also provided, helping review slow-selling items. Optimizing stock holding and improving cash flow is the goal.

John Walmsley, Retail Systems Advisor at James Hall, said: “We saw around a 1% like-for-like sales increase in the stores on CSR by maximizing availability, while also minimizing our overall stock holding. CSR was adjusted to suit independent retailers and was trialed in 2012. Since then it has been carefully and gradually rolled out, until we began to invite other retailers to join in 2016. Since 2016, we have gone from just a dozen stores using CSR to 50, with more in the pipeline.” PWKD20042018

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