USA: Apex Order Rolls Out First Heated, Self-Serve & Automated Pick-Up Station

USA: Apex Order Rolls Out First Heated, Self-Serve & Automated Pick-Up Station

To redefine the concept of speed, convenience and efficiency for the restaurant and foodservice industries, along with their time-starved customers, Apex Order Pick-Up Technologies is using self-serve automation.

The first, heated order pick-up station using self-serve automation technology is the Apex Hot-Holding Device.

Kent Savage, Apex founder and CEO, said, “The instant, overwhelming popularity of mobile order and pay apps and online ordering has created significant order pick-up issues for the restaurant and foodservice industries. As QSRs look for a solution that makes order pick-up as easy as mobile order and pay, we knew the solution must address employee- and customer-facing issues.”

An innovative, two-sided design for rear loading of orders, the Apex Hot-Holding Device allows employees to focus on order preparation while giving mobile order customers an instantly-recognizable destination to quickly and easily pick up their orders. Issues caused by increased order throughput is eliminated by this pioneering device and an unclear, inconsistent experience for mobile order customers. This breakthrough technology was co-developed by Apex with Little Caesars.

Allowing customers to order and pay using their smartphone, the Apex Hot-Holding Device pairs easily with existing mobile apps. A notification is automatically triggered as finished orders are placed in one of its heated compartments, alerting the customer their food is ready and gives them a custom code. Customers can skip the line and go to the Hot-Holding Device to input their code and their secure compartment opens automatically getting the customer in and out of the store in seconds.

Added order throughput is not considered by most of the restaurant and foodservice industries’ mobile order and pay programs. As such, mobile order pick-up service can be disorganized, requiring multiple employee touches, in addition to mobile order customers often being unsure of how to pick up their order. This leads to congestion, line anxiety and lost sales, mixed with in-store customer traffic. PWKD25052018

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