S. Africa: Spar Stores Honor International Plastic Bag Free Day

S. Africa: Spar Stores Honor International Plastic Bag Free Day

The stores go without plastic for the day

All SPAR stores in the Western Cape and Namibia went without plastic bags at checkout counters, to honor International Plastic Bag Free Day on 3 July. Shoppers, instead were given free, brown paper bags, which are a lot more bio-degradable.

Mario Santana, Managing Director of SPAR Western Cape said: “As one of South Africa’s leading retailers, we have a huge role to play in changing the culture around the use of plastic instore. It’s no longer a question of if we should add our voice to the global commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, but how.”

Fully recyclable (8% chalk) bags were introduced in Western Cape and Namibian stores to ensure that any bags sold in SPAR stores will be fully recyclable.

SPAR customers are encouraged by the campaign to take ownership of the problem and stop using the conventional plastic shopping bag altogether. They have the options of bringing their own shopping bag; buying a SPAR brown paper bag; buying a SPAR canvas bag; carrying their groceries to their cars; and only as a last option, to buy a plastic bag – but to recycle responsibly.

Aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags, a similar campaign run by SPAR South Africa’s Eastern Cape (EC) division earlier this year, follows this latest move, forming part of a larger campaign that SPAR South Africa has invested in over the last four years.

Encouraging shoppers to swap plastic bags for paper bags, in two days, members of the public were given a paper bag free of charge for every 10 plastic shopping bags brought to any one of SPAR’s Eastern Cape outlets. Environmental groups hailed the move as a major development.

It is encouraging to see campaigns like these being developed to help customers move away from single-use plastic carrier bags, even though there is still a long way to go in battling the plastic waste issue. PWKD10072018

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