Brazil: Carrefour Launches Sabor & Qualidade Brand

Brazil: Carrefour Launches Sabor & Qualidade Brand

13 products make up the new brand and the brand currently has 17 suppliers from all five regions of Brazil.

The Sabor & Qualidade brand, an exclusive line of natural, authentic, high-quality and tasty products has been unveiled by Carrefour Group, at a fair price, always produced to a high social and environmental responsibility standard and traceable at any stage of production. Offering foods that previously carried the Guarantee of Origin, the new brand can now be found at every Carrefour store in the country.

Carrefour Group's global transformation plan – Carrefour 2022 – announced earlier this year, forms part of the launch of the Sabor & Qualidade brand. Leading the food transition in Brazil and worldwide – a move to expand the supply of healthy and organic food at a fair price, including the revitalization of the Carrefour brand's offerings, is among the company’s main goals. PWKD11072018

Last modified onWednesday, 11 July 2018 01:55
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