USA: Stuzo & Koupon Media Open Commerce Platform Partnership

USA: Stuzo & Koupon Media Open Commerce Platform Partnership

Stuzo and Koupon Media announced a partnership to deliver targeted, personalized mobile offers in a more seamless way.

Integrating Koupon’s mobile offer capabilities and data insights with Open Commerce’s middleware connections to payment, loyalty, and digital channels gives retailers the ability to better personalize offers for consumers, increase in-store sales, and attract new shoppers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Koupon Media,” said Gunter Pfau, CEO, Stuzo. “This partnership further amplifies the value of Open Commerce, the infrastructure standard for digital services, by leveraging the unmatched digital promotion capabilities of Koupon and further, helps retailers on our Open Commerce platform save time and money. This partnership will ease the burdensome process of sourcing, building, and delivering offers. We are also impressed by Koupon’s broad industry knowledge, serving offers across 40,000 convenience store retailers. By tying Koupon’s redemption data to Open Commerce transaction data, we are creating a more complete picture of retailers’ digital consumers.”

This integration gives Open Commerce retailers the ability to utilize Koupon’s advanced offer technology, gain access to the Koupon Offer Network, the leading single source of CPG-funded offers in small format retail, and understand how consumers are interacting with digital offers. The partnership furthers Open Commerce’s strategy of unifying best-in-class provider capabilities, powe ring the rapid delivery of experiences across digital channels, and providing one central command center for the operationalization and optimization of mission-critical programs.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Stuzo and introduce Open Commerce capabilities to our customers,” said Brad Van Otterloo, President of Koupon Media. “Open Commerce is an innovative platform with advanced integration capabilities. By embedding our offer capabilities in a leading middleware platform, we are equipping retailers with the resources they need to expand their reach and drive sales, while also simplifying the mobile offer delivery and redemption process.” PWKD19072018

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