Italy: Coop Introduces ‘Click & Collect’ Pick-Up Station

Italy: Coop Introduces ‘Click & Collect’ Pick-Up Station

A ‘Click & Collect’ pick-up station for online shopping has been launched by Coop Lombardia, the first of Coop Italy’s 1,113+ stores to install this type of technology.

To cool shopping ordered online, R290 (propane) is used as the refrigerant and the pick-up station uses EPTA bricks (also known as ‘Click & Collect’ refrigerated lockers). As per the Italian HVAC&R system manufacturer, this is the second location this month to have installed EPTA bricks.

Supermarket customers can order their shopping online and conveniently collect it from an external pick-up station – such as a train station, supermarket car park, fuel station, bus stop or airport. The Biococca Village Store is located in a shopping center and the shopping can be ordered online from Coop’s e-commerce platform with the option to be picked up 24/7.

With the aim to make sure the refrigerated lockers are connected to Vodafone’s fibre and 4G network and Vodafone’s IoT telemetry system, which provides connection to online networks, EPTA is also working with Vodafone.

As consumers increasingly switch to shopping online, Click & Collect innovations are a growing trend in the food retail market. Viessmann and Hauser both launched refrigerated lockers, using hydrocarbons, to pick up online shopping, at last year's EuroShop. PWKD06082018

Last modified onMonday, 06 August 2018 01:54
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