Uzbekistan: KFC First Fast-food Restaurant Launch in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: KFC First Fast-food Restaurant Launch in Uzbekistan

Test location will be KFC’s first location in the Central Asian country.

KFC will open its first restaurant in Uzbekistan next month. Uzbekistan has strong potential for business development and is an important region for the expansion of the chain. The first restaurant will be a test.

“Central Asia is one of the priority regions for development of the KFC brand, with a serious potential for expanding its business. Until the end of 2018, together with our partner, Food Chain, we plan to open several KFC restaurants in Tashkent, where all the main dishes, including baskets, snacks, sandwiches etc will be presented,” the company announced.

The prices of KFC offerings in Uzbekistan will be established by taking into account dynamics, market conditions and other factors in order to preserve the mass availability of food for consumers.

“We are committed to the supply of chicken and locally produced vegetables and are now actively working with the local producers to build this process. As a safety net, we have the opportunity to import things from Russia to ensure uninterrupted supply in full, which is necessary for the restaurant in Tashkent,” the company added. PWKD16082018

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