Turkey: Wayne to Debut Wayne Helix™ Fuel Dispenser Family at Petroleum Istanbul 2015

Turkey: Wayne to Debut Wayne Helix™ Fuel Dispenser Family at Petroleum Istanbul 2015

Wayne Fueling Systems will be showcasing a full range of Wayne’s products and technology services at Petroleum Istanbul 2015 between 2-5 April.

The exhibition, which hosts members of the petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricant equipment and technology industries, offers Wayne and Tekser a chance to demonstrate the full Helix dispenser family for the first time in Turkey. Another first is Wayne’s unique AdBlue® heating solution which helps eliminate the risk of improper closure, freezing, and damage to equipment due to unfavorable weather conditions.

In addition to the Helix dispensers, Wayne will display the Wayne Fusion™ forecourt system with its enhanced hardware and software. The Fusion forecourt system provides visibility into the retail site from anywhere and at anytime. The system seamlessly connects to various tank management systems and retail fuel dispensers, regardless of the fuel dispenser type or brand. Wayne will also exhibit its integrated and freestanding payment terminals designed for convenience, security and simplicity; providing motorists with fast, easy, and convenient fuel transactions. The new Wayne freestanding terminal follows the same user-friendly design as the Helix family of fuel dispensers. These solutions are significant for fuel retailers in Turkey since many are asking for increased automation and ease of use, for both the fueling station and their direct customers. PetrolWorld 010415

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