Italy Number Of Fuel Service Stations

Italy Number Of Fuel Service Stations

The European fuel retail nework list is dominated by Italy with 20,750 fuel service stations

Compared to the rest of Europe, the number of fuel service stations in Italy is significantly higher. The number of fuel service stations that made up the fuel distribution chain came to 20,750 in 2016, down by 250 units compared to 2015, according to data from the Italian Association of Oil Companies, Unione Petrolifera. With 14,532 fuel service stations on national territory, the country that comes closest to Italy is Germany. However GErmany has a demography factor of +80m.

France and Spain are behind in numbers (but ahead on network development) with the number of fuel distributors being 11,269 and 10,497 respectively. Estimated at around 1,365 cubic meters/year (+1.5%), the average distribution in Italy was up slightly in 2016. In the context of progressively lower consumption, this is a figure that remains in any case 50% below the Spanish figure, and is about a third of the figure in Britain. Source: Italy24 PWKD06042017

Editors Note: We also know that the Italian fuel retail market has not been able to move forward with rationislation or meaningful development due to a number of local market issues.  In the case of fuel retail networks, it is not the big numbers you nee to watch but how the fuel retail networks are developing for the current consumer.



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