Sweden: Preem Closes Pajala Fuel Facility

Sweden: Preem Closes Pajala Fuel Facility

Lossmaking cited as reason for closure

Preem has decided to wind up Kaunisjoensuu fuel service station in Kolari Pajala. Agneta Liss Karlsson, District Manager at Preem said, “The fuel service station has been unprofitable for a long time and now we are forced to close.”

The fuel service station was first under the Texaco brand and recently Preem. It has been Preem's northernmost station in Sweden and has offered fuels like 95 and ACP. With the shutdown in Pajala, Köpmansgatan in Jokkmokk will be the most northerly Preem fuel service station in Sweden. Cleansing work in Pajala will begin without delay after shut down. PWKD11042017



Last modified onSunday, 16 April 2017 08:53
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