Netherlands: Shell & Sovcomflot LNG Supply Agreement

Netherlands: Shell & Sovcomflot LNG Supply Agreement

The pact is to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel tankers

An agreement has been signed between Shell Western BV ElEnDzhi (Shell) and PJSC Sovcomflot to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel tankers Aframax. This is for the first time in the world that LNG is being used as a marine fuel. Shell will produce ships bunkering terminal at Rotterdam Fuel Access to Europe with specialized bunker ship and another one point refueling ships in one of the Baltic ports, as per the terms of this agreement.

With the aim of transporting crude fuel products in the Baltic and the North Sea, four Aframax tankers have been designed. Equipped with dual-fuel power plants, it is planned that these ice-class tankers will replenish the fleet of "Sovcomflot" from the III quarter of 2018. When operating in flexible shipping mode, these will be one of the first vessels using LNG as a ship fuel.

Maarten Vetselaar, Director of complex fuel projects and new energy sources, Shell said, "This event - an important step in increasing the role of natural gas in the global energy mix. We are pleased to work together with PJSC Sovcomflot dressing over the world's first Aframax tankers on natural gas. Advantages of LNG will be used in another direction of navigation, which suggests that LNG will play a key role in this industry, which is tasked to meet the new regulatory requirements with respect to atmospheric emissions."

Sergey Frank, CEO and Chairman of the Board of PJSC Sovcomflot said, "The history of mutually beneficial and successful cooperation of the group of companies Sovcomflot and Shell has more than a dozen years.  Because there is nothing surprising in the fact that today we have signed an agreement that essentially initiates the process of transfer of Aframax size tanker - the most demanded by the market size of the global tanker vessels, a kind of "workhorse" segment of the marine transportation of liquid hydrocarbons. "Sovcomflot" "Shell" strive to make maritime traffic safer for the environment and to become the leaders of this transformation.” PWKD13042017



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