France: Carrefour First Biomethane Station Launch

France: Carrefour First Biomethane Station Launch

The aim of the partnership with Air Liquide is to open the first of its bio methane stations in France

With the aim of expanding its fleet of vehicles running on bio methane, Carrefour has just launched roll-out of its bioNGV service stations. It aims to have 9 service stations before the end of 2017, so that 200 lorries can make clean, quiet deliveries to 250 urban stores in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille. The result of a partnership with Air Liquide is the opening of the first of these service stations. 

Carrefour has entered into listing agreements with its energy partners to open nine bioNGV service stations across the country in order to meet its aim of having 200 lorries running on bio methane by the end of 2017. Aimed at delivering goods to France's major urban areas, the first stage of this ambitious initiative is the opening of the Servon service station near the Brie-Comte-Robert logistics hub. 

Excellent environmental performance is the result of lorries running on this type of biofuel. A 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, no fine-particle emissions and a 50% reduction in noise pollution are significant attributions.

The aim of Carrefour's ambitious transport policy is to bring about a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for each pallet transported by 2025 – compared with 2010 levels and for this, it has chosen vehicles running on bio methane. Moving its warehouses closer to its stores, adopting a responsible procurement policy and working closely alongside its main transport partners in the supply chain are some of the actions taken by the company towards achievement of this goal. PWKD13042017




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