Germany: Uniper Opens Berlin’s First LNG Filling Station

Germany: Uniper Opens Berlin’s First LNG Filling Station

The site will fuel 20 LNG-powered Iveco trucks

The first public LNG filling station for vehicles in Berlin was opened by Uniper-owned Liqvis, on a site owned by German road haulier Meyer Logistik, and will fuel its 20 LNG-powered Iveco trucks that deliver to fast food and coffee stores across Berlin. 

Under its ‘LNG Blue Corridor’ which aims to have one LNG filling station on Europe’s principal roads at least every 400km, the new Berlin filling station received partial EU funding. Generating lower fuel costs and emissions than other fuel, specially-equipped trucks can run for 1,500km on a full LNG tank. 

Uniper set up Liqvis to build LNG filling stations for road hauliers. Together with Iveco, its first such station was opened in 2016 followed by Liqvis's first wholly-owned LNG filling station in southern France. Plans of extending its LNG filling network shortly with two new German stations, are in the pipeline. 

Promoted since 2008 through its annual Blue Corridor motor rally for mass-produced natural gas vehicles, Gazprom for many years has built CNG and LNG filling stations for vehicles across Russia and more recently Europe. Run by a variety of operators, Germany now has over 900 public CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations. Source: SMI Online PWKD01052017

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