England UK: Valero & James Hall & Co Limited Extends Fuel Agreement

England UK: Valero & James Hall & Co Limited Extends Fuel Agreement

Extension allows selling Texaco fuel at all Texaco branded sites

The agreement between James Hall & Co Limited and Valero has been extended. This is so that James Hall & Co can continue selling Texaco fuel across all their Texaco-branded sites including a new site in Threshfield, Yorkshire which is due to open in early 2017 bringing the total number of sites that are Texaco-branded to 11. Supplying over 600 stores in the North of England, James Hall & Co Limited are a wholesaler and distributor for SPAR.

Managing director Andrew Hall said, "Over the years we've built a very strong relationship with Chris Cave, our area manager, and Valero. This is a really important relationship for us and a key factor in our decision to extend our agreement with Valero, as was having a strong brand like Texaco on our forecourts. Their reliable supply network means our customers can depend on us to meet their needs."

"We're delighted that James Hall & Co Limited have extended their agreement with us and it's great to hear that the redevelopment of Threshfield is underway. Our strong relationship with them, which we've built over the years, is something we're proud of, so we're very happy they've chosen us as fuel supplier for their new site," said Andrew Cox, Valero's director of sales and marketing.

With the intention of redeveloping it and opening it under the Texaco brand by the end of 2016, Threshfield near Skipton in Yorkshire, was purchased in 2015. However, plans got stalled due to the discovery of a protected species of bats at the site, that had to be rehoused and plans for the site to be opened has been set for early 2017. PWKD03052017

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