Germany: Shell & NewMotion Charging Infrastructure Partnership

The partnership has come out with ‘Shell Card’ providing ease of use, service, control and security


Shell has decided to collaborate with NewMotion, one of the largest providers of intelligent charging solutions for electricity whereby, Shell Card customers with a professional package will be able to purchase electricity for electrical vehicles across Europe at around 50,000 in the future.

"When changing the fleet to modern drive technologies, charging infrastructure is an important decision-making criterion in addition to the acquisition costs. Shell recognizes this challenge and, in addition to efficient fuels as well as a sustainable fuel and hydrogen supply, now also has access to one of the largest grids for electricity use. As a result, our customers have access to many charging stations along with comprehensive services. In addition, Shell offers stationary solutions for companies to supply vehicles on the company premises or at fixed loading points, "says Rainer Klöpfer, Managing Director of euroShell Deutschland GmbH & Co.

The customer gets access to the charging infrastructure of NewMotion when he agrees to the current purchase contract directly via the ShellCard, although offers in individual countries may sometimes differ.

The Shell Card with a professional package plays an indispensable part of the smooth organization of the business day, especially for professional fleet management. Synergy effects are created for the fleet manager to save time and money, with access to a comprehensive fuel assortment, thus enabling him to obtain a comprehensive overview of his fleet by means of quickly accessible online analyzes. Ease of use, service, control and security is provided by a user-friendly shell card.

An optimal solution for all companies that focus on efficiency and sustainability is presented by the ShellCard with a professional package. Shell and NewMotion work together enable business customers to leverage the potential for the effective use of electric vehicles offering uncomplicated recharging, reduced administrative costs and full cost control. PWKD29062017

Last modified onSunday, 02 July 2017 10:56
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