Poland: PKN Orlen Covered By Tax Fair Play

The fuel retail network of PKN ORLEN has been covered by the scheme "Tax Fair Play", after a successful pilot, in which all Orlen fuel service stations, both own and franchised, are equipped with transparent boxes intended for torn receipts.

 Aimed at customers who do not want or need proof of the transaction, the program is an educational plan. Fuel service station staff will encourage customers to receive receipts and in case of cancellation, proof of payment will be torn, and placed in a specially prepared transparent container in the presence of the client. Consumers will gain confidence that their receipts will not be used in the activities of the "gray area tax" with the use of installed mailboxes. In this way, the company is part of the Ministry of Finance initiated efforts to seal the tax system.

Zbigniew Leszczyński, Member of PKN ORLEN Management Committee – Sale said, “During the pilot program focused on developing standards, which on the one hand to enable effective communication with our customers on the benefits of fair tax practices, on the other hand they will not cause a reduction in the quality of our fuel service stations. From the feedback collected after the pilot, we know that we have managed to achieve these objectives, therefore, measures to tax transparency, will not cause any inconvenience to our customers.” PWKD05072017

Last modified onWednesday, 05 July 2017 06:23
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