Germany: Hydrogen Station Launch By Shell, Daimler & Linde

Germany: Hydrogen Station Launch By Shell, Daimler & Linde

The three companies are partners in the H2 mobility joint venture; the two stations being owned by Daimler, innovative H2 filling station technology comes from Linde; both stations are Shell sites.


With Daimler, Shell and Linde having commissioned two further hydrogen stations in Germany, the German H2 filling station network is growing at an increasing pace. The country is at the top of the H2 regions in Germany, with nine fueling options for emission-free fuel-cell cars.

An attractive supply of fuel-cell vehicles and an appropriate supply infrastructure are required for hydrogen mobility to become a success story. Supported by the Federal Government through the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) innovation program, a total of 32 hydrogen filling stations are currently being completed in Germany. With an investment of 1.8 million euros in the construction of both plants, it is envisioned that by 2018, there should already be 100 stations. The foundation for the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany has been laid by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) demonstration project. PWKD02082017

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