Poland: Lotus Fuel Retail Network Expansion

Poland: Lotus Fuel Retail Network Expansion

Special promotional offer for the new fuel service station in Błonie near Warsaw

The LOTOS fuel retail network has expanded to a modern location in Błonie near Warsaw. The new facility is located at National Road 92 between Warsaw and Sochaczew.

The new fuel service station has full offer of the highest quality of LOTOS fuels ie Pb95, LOTOS Dynamic 98, ON, LOTOS Dynamic ON and LPG.

LOTOS Business, EuroShell, UTA, DKV, EUROWAG, Port1 and the Family Card are accepted at this new fuel service station.

For Lotos Navigator bonus participants Company have prepared a special promotional offer - double Navigator points for each premium purchase up to 15.09.2017. PWKD28082017

Last modified onMonday, 28 August 2017 16:21
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