Denmark: GTL Fuel Replaces Regular Diesel Around Copenhagen Canals

Denmark: GTL Fuel Replaces Regular Diesel Around Copenhagen Canals

Shell GTL is an easy shortcut to lower the emission of harmful particles

Cleaner GTL fuel has just replaced regular diesel in boats operated by Stromma Denmark, making the air getting cleaner in and around Copenhagen's canals and on a number of lakes.

Mads V. Olesen, Managing Director of Stromma Denmark said, "Diesel engine particulate emissions are a well-known problem. We are now taking another step in our environmental efforts and lowering the emissions of particles from our turbo boats. It comes to tourists and the thousands of Copenhageners who travel in and around the harbor. We are working to minimize our environmental impact and, together with DCC Energy, we have had an obvious opportunity to reduce our emissions just by filling a new fuel on our boats."

A new and cleaner fuel, GTL is a synthetic diesel that is being made on natural gas by the company Shell. The purity of the final product is the great advantage of Shell GTL and that it can be poured on a diesel engine without further modification. GTL burns cleaner with less smoke and odor, in relation to traditional diesel with emissions of up to 38% fewer particles and significantly less NOx and CO. PWKD04092017

Last modified onSunday, 03 September 2017 19:10
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