MOL Group Unveils New EVO Fuel Range

MOL Group Unveils New EVO Fuel Range

EVO MOL fuels, with improved additives, reduce up to 58% of existing deposits resulting in the engine attaining enhanced performance and a longer life span in a greener way.

A new range of EVO fuels that provide an excellent internal car engine care effect has been launched by the MOL Group, which will be available throughout the MOL Group's fuel retail network in Central and Eastern Europe, presenting high-quality standard unit drivers across the region.

"The MOL Group is proud to announce the new EVO range of automotive fuels,” said Lars Hoglund, Senior Vice President, MOL, responsible for the retail segment. “The formula of new fuels has been achieved by blending carefully selected components along with state-of-the-art additives, the result being a product that takes 100% care of our customers' engines. MOL paid special attention to the needs of its customers, but also to the latest trends in engine development. During the development of EVO fuels, MOL has improved the components our customers find essential, precisely to meet the specific needs of drivers that are our customers."

The new EVO fuel range eliminates deposits and protects engine components against corrosion making the engine and its power system cleaner. The MOL Group provides 10 million customers in Central and Eastern Europe with premium fuels with a lower environmental impact, with the launch of the new range of fuels. PWKD08092017

Last modified onThursday, 07 September 2017 20:34
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