Netherlands: Liqal Presents Relocatable LNG Refueling Station

Netherlands: Liqal Presents Relocatable LNG Refueling Station

Turnkey supplier of small-scale LNG systems, LIQAL, has come up with a skid-mounted LNG refueling station.

This offers station operators best in class performance with the flexibility of a relocatable system at lower investment requirements for both fueling equipment and onsite project preparations.

The ‘MRU’, which is a completely pre-fabricated and transportable LNG refueling unit, is SIL-2 classified and complies with the latest international standards and regulations, including ISO 16924. The MRU can be connected with any tank type including mobile ISO storage. It holds space for LIQAL’s proven micro liquefaction technology that ensures unlimited holding time of LNG in the storage tank and enables supply of both saturated- and cold LNG to effectively fill all available LNG truck types. PWKD19092017

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